This guy's good man, big thumbs up! ”

— Neal Schon (Journey)

I appreciate this. I like Fil's enthusiasm, that's what music should be all about. ”

— Uli Jon Roth

This is Fil, a.k.a 'Wings of Pegasus'. Everything you hear? That's Fil. Impressive.”

— Classic Rock Magazine

I’d defy any rock fan not to like this album. Very infectious.”

— Andy (

There is real musicianship and songwriting skill in evidence here and they are the perfect antidote to some of the overwrought bands out there at the moment.”


Vocally superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is the nuts. If you didn’t add these to your collection then you're not a true metal fan.”

— Scotty-D (

Hi my name's Fil and I do everything 'Wings of Pegasus'. I write, record, produce, film, edit and anything else required to get my music out into the world. I have been playing live for 17 years, before live streaming was common place, I live streamed a gig to 26 countries at the same. I've played at Wembley Arena and The O2 in the UK and appeared in front of 10 million people on terrestrial tv. I am fortunate enough to have a following of over 110,000 on Twitter including some famous names such as Dream Theatre and Yes. A particular highlight for me personally was when Neal Schon from Journey messaged me to offer his support (I still can't get over that fact that Neal is only a direct message away!) 


I have recently been featured by Classic Rock Magazine, as well as having radio airplay all over Europe and the USA. Feel free to check out my original album entitled 'Persistence', available on this site in the store section or on iTunes and Amazon. More recently I have set up a 'Patreon' account which allows fans of my music to support it's production and release. After all it doesn't matter how many followers you have, at some point you'll need to find financial support for your art somewhere! I have been very lucky in this respect with my amazing fans.


I've been playing guitar for 24 years and teaching professionally for 14 years. I've also more recently covered songs on YouTube, I've done over 25 of those so far, all of which are first released on Patreon exclusively. On my cover videos I don't use backing tracks, I make the songs from the ground up playing and singing everything myself. If you fancy checking them out, here's a playlist link - YouTube Covers Playlist


More recently I've been asked to do 'reaction' videos on YouTube by my fans, I tend to call them analysis videos as the term 'reaction' is a bit misused on YouTube in my opinion. I take a look at any video that is suggested and point out a few things. Uli Jon roth watches these videos which is great to know for me, as I'm a fan of his playing! I feel this gives the videos a certain credibility too. I do a new one of these every day, currently there is over a months waiting list but I get to all the requests. I'm finding that a lot of people don't know of some of the great players, so it's worth doing the videos just to spread the word about unknown talent.  


Finally, I always reply to everyone who spends any time to comment on any of my social media pages. I hate it when people don't reply to messages, I see it as a common courtesy to acknowledge a message. I've had more than my fair share of being ignored by radio stations and record labels early in my career. But then I realised I didn't actually need them to get to where I wanted to be. Ironically the radio dj's that used to ignore me, now follow me. It's a much longer road being independent, but I get to make music how I want to with no compromises.


I've been doing this so long I forget all the things that I've done! I'll have to go through it all at some point, but thanks for showing an interest and reading this! For a look at other people saying things about me, head over to the reviews section of this site. Thanks again!