Live Streams - Every Tuesday and Saturday night (12am GMT)

As the title suggests, I go live on YouTube every Tuesday night at 12am GMT (midnight). We have a great community in the live chat room and it's a great place to touch base with everyone so feel free to join in! There's also an after party over on the 'Wings of Pegasus Supporters Group' page on Facebook if you'd like to continue the conversation. Click on the image below to go there! 

Due to the numbers on YouTube growing, I thought it was a good idea to set out some guidelines for the live streams. It's inevitable that some people may try and 'spam' the chat room with links for other sites, but that's where the moderators come in! Moderators have a wrench next to their name, and ensure the live chat room is a great place to be. 

With that said, the following guidelines will ensure community interaction will remain the focus of the live chat room. Please try your best to follow them! 


1. Please treat the moderators with respect, they are keeping everything running smoothly. If you don't notice them, it's because they're doing a great job!

2. Try not to post links to other pages, unless it was specifically requested by another user in the chat room. If this was the case, please include their username by using the '@' symbol. If I say in the live stream about posting a link to a page of course that's fine. If a user posts links consistently, negatively affecting the community interaction in the chat room, then the user will receive a notification from a moderator informing them. If the user continues, they will receive a second notification, and if it still continues, the users comments will be removed.

The user could also be placed on a 'timeout' by a moderator (this is for use at the moderators discretion).

The user can still comment appropriately, in line with the community guidelines, these will not be removed or result in a time out.


I'm mentioning these guidelines purely because I get a lot of messages/emails asking me to look at performances of all sorts by professional musicians, hobbyists and people just at home. The last thing I want is for the live stream chat room to turn into a sea of links to videos of everyone and their dog! Many tune in to the live streams to socialise, catch up with each other, listen to some music and to be part of the community. If there are endless links being posted, it will be impossible for anyone to ask a question and then to see the answer, as the comments will move too fast to read! 

It's a slippery slope, so hopefully with the guidelines set out as they are here we'll avoid slipping altogether. 

Finally, if anyone has a particular issue with the live streams, a moderator, or anything they're not happy with, I'm always around. Just email me directly at and we'll figure it out. Thanks!