Live Streams - Every Tuesday and Saturday night (12am GMT)

As the title suggests, I go live on YouTube every Tuesday night at 12am GMT (midnight). We have a great community in the live chat room and it's a great place to touch base with everyone so feel free to join in! There's also an after party over on the 'Wings of Pegasus Supporters Group' page on Facebook if you'd like to continue the conversation. Click on the image below to go there! 


Due to the numbers on YouTube growing, I thought it was a good idea to set out some guidelines for the live streams.

The following guidelines are to ensure that community interaction will remain the focus of the live chat room, as that's what it's all about!

  • Do not to post links to other pages, unless it was specifically requested by myself. (If I say in the live stream about posting a link to a page of course that's fine.)
  • Refrain from self promotion in the live chat room. Users have expressed the negative impact on their enjoyment of the streams due to being consistently asked to check out other pages, when they just want to watch and comment on the live stream.
  • Refrain from using bad/sexual/offensive language, hate speech, bullying, name calling,  and all that stuff! I know it shouldn't have to be mentioned, but unfortunately it does!
  • Respect the Moderators of the Live Streams.


About the Moderators

The moderators of the live streams have a wrench next to their username and keep everything running smoothly. They focus on maintaining the community spirit of the live stream and the live chat room. They also make sure the guidelines are followed.

Moderator Actions

The moderators follow the previously mentioned guidelines during all live streams.

Any breach of the guidelines will be acted upon in a total of 3 stages as follows -

  • Firstly - Moderators will let the user know about the breach and issue a notification to them.
  • Second - If the user continues, the second notification is a final warning.
  • Thirdly - If the user persists, then the moderator will take the action they deem appropriate.

Moderator Authority (Important!)

With the increased number of subscribers on the YouTube channel (currently just under 138,000) it is impossible to deal with breaches in guidelines during live streams myself on a one to one basis. This is why the moderators act on my behalf while I am presenting the live streams.

Moderators have absolute authority during the live streams to take any action they deem necessary. For example, if a user posts hate speech the moderator can instantly remove or block the user without the 3 warnings due to the obviously offensive breach of guidelines. I'm sure this just seems like common sense, but it's important to mention none the less.

So with all that said, I look forward to seeing you at the next live stream! ROCK! \m/


(Information taken from the 'Wings of Pegasus Supporters' group on Facebook)

PICK ROULETTE! (from Carla Murray)

The prize: A Wings Of Pegasus logo/Fil Henley autographed guitar pick and Fil Henley Postcard.

Goal: LS must reach the set likes for the pick lottery per LS.

How it works... The Tuesday and Saturday live-streams will have a Likes Game Goal amount that must be reached each LS to play for the prize at the following same day LS. This number is separate from Fils “spike the likes” LS goals. When the goal likes has been reached by the end of the LS (no later) everyone that has agreed to the rules, will be entered into a random drawing that will take place the following LS day (Tuesday’s spin on next Tuesday, Saturday’s spin on next Saturday) and will be in the form of a wheel of fortune style spinning wheel. The wheel holds up to 500 names of those that have agreed to the rules. DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONCE please! You can only be on the wheel one time per game. Fil will spin the wheel of names producing one lucky winner on the following LS matching day. The wheel will be erased after each LS to prepare for the next game. Must be present to win! All records are kept.

Rules: In order to be entered into the random drawing, you are required to like and enter “I AGREE ” and tag Carla Murray if you know how. If you don’t have emojis, just type “I AGREE”! Does not count in the Pre-Live and must post before the LS ends. Do not post during videos, photos or wheel spins. You’re agreeing to the rules in the event that if you win, you contact Carla Buckley Murray via Facebook Messenger or email: and provide your name and address that are required to ship the prize at absolutely NO cost to you! Your prize will be shipped first class by USPS, no tracking. Winners are welcome to purchase tracking (if available). Everyone who wishes to play, must repeat the process every LS for chances to play/win again. Names do not carry over. MUST be present to win. We do not spin again if the winner is not present! NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. If you have any questions? Contact Carla Murray, not Fil!

The game like goal will Increase every time it has been hit and will be raised on the following LS matching day that it was hit on. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!